Budhist Temple at sunset

Beauty in the Fire

I’m not sure what’s going on in your world during ‘this season’ of your life… But the truth is that we all ‘go through it’ now & then. In my life, last week’s car crash seems to be an outward expression of inward emotions, however, one is not related to the other. In fact, I see God working in both/all situations, but it doesn’t always make the ‘going through it’ any easier or faster…

As I remind myself, I hope this will encourage some of you:

God will always deliver you. The fire will always refine you. & Jesus IS the fourth man, walking around IN that fire with you! Sometimes He delivers us FROM the fire. Sometimes THROUGH the fire. & sometimes IN the fire by taking us home to Him. But the fact remains, He WILL deliver us!

Budhist Temple at sunset

This picture reminds me of how there is always more than meets the eye in any given situation. It may look simple, matter of fact, a done deal… look again. We must venture to look beyond the outer layer, peer into the core of a thing. It’s then that we can see our Father’s purpose & design, the good that He cleverly inserts into every thing… This is a simple image, a Buddhist Temple nicely silhouetted in a clear & soft sunset. One might think, “so how is that good? God’s not in that, He doesn’t want people to worship false idols!” and you’d be right… mostly.

Now let’s think for a moment of the precious people that built that temple. Somehow they were born with a striking talent for architecture & carving, not everyone can bring such beauty from a plain piece of wood or a pile of clay. Certainly no one that I know has ever managed to match the intricate details that are sculpted into this structure. Regardless of who or what these builders & artists may worship, we know WHO gave them their gifts & talents to create these works of beauty that you & I are blessed to look at… The same Father that gifted them is filled with love in His heart for them tonight, He sees the beauty that He placed in them… even while they are still in the fire of not knowing Him for themselves. He wants all people everywhere to know that He placed beauty in them, that no one & nothing can take away!

He wants us to know Him & begin to seek Him for the purpose He has for those gifts & talents, for that beauty He has protected within us. If only ONE good thing comes of this temple made for a false god, let it be that YOU begin to ask your Father what His purpose is for your gifts & talents, for your beauty within, for you… If TWO good things might be possible, I would challenge you to pray for the beautifully gifted people who built this building, for their descendants, & for their country. Pray for China!

You, me, the builders of this temple… we are all made in His image – strong & beautiful! My friends, know that He is always bringing good to those that love Him, even in the fire. Whatever your season, whatever your fire… look for God’s hand in it… allow your Father to refine you like gold, you may never know how many will be blessed by the beauty in your fire.


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