Mark & Joy in Fort Bragg, CA

Peace at the Beach

Gorgeous Beach

A peaceful "Date Weekend" was JUST what the Dr. ordered for Mark & I last wknd!

Blessed beyond the ordinary, that’s what happens when we trust God to take care of even our smallest needs & desires of our hearts! Mark & I enjoyed every last minute of our weekend away; the quiet of no kids, the phone calls to check on those kids, the laughter that made my ribs hurt, the hurting ribs even – a reminder that I was alive to enjoy it all!

Mark & Joy in Fort Bragg, CA

Lunch on the beach was followed by exploring the tide pools!

We brought home treasures from Glass Beach & stories from a local Chinese restaurant owned by Koreans with a very non-asian waitress!  HAHA, good times for sure! As much as we love the time away, we still couldn’t wait to get back to our fun-loving boys & hear all about their weekend adventures with Nana & Gramps!


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