rock bridge over the desert

the Bridge Maker

“What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up & walk out on me???”

What DO we do when the people around us ‘sing out of tune’? When they do things outside of what we expect or want from them? What do YOU do?

rock bridge over the desert

This month I have learned that what I would do is not always what I should do. So I have decided to stop & pray first. Sure, we might think that’s what we’ve been doing. But then we get back up and go on with whatever WE were going to do before we prayed, whatever we WANTED to do… Not this time. This time I will sit and listen Lord. Waiting for You to give me YOUR thoughts and YOUR ways because mine have not been helping in the least.

As I waited and waited, I began to hear my own voice explaining to God why… (as if He did not already know why I had done the things I had) – why I had hidden from the instructions I knew He was giving me. Or why I thought it couldn’t possibly be HIM telling me to do what He was telling me. But Lord this… But Lord that… and He patiently waited until I was through. Then I reluctantly said “well if it IS what you want me to do Lord, please… show me HOW!”

Like a mother duck gathering her ducklings in her wings, I felt Him put his strong arms around me and begin to gently pull me closer… closer to Him… until I could hear His heart beating. In that moment I knew that was where I should have been all along – the task was not for me to DO anything, but for me to simply be in agreement with HIS plan of what HE was doing… And to get to that point of agreement based solely on faith and trust rather than an over indulgence of details and what-if scenarios of how it would all play out and why. My task was to simply say “Yes Father, I AM willing to obey, because I trust that what You say is true and what You promised – YOU will do!”

It was then that I cried and asked forgiveness for my stubborn and prideful heart. How dare I ever imagine that the success of the task was in any way dependant upon me and my ability. That’s why I had been so afraid of it, I had been afraid to fail. Afraid because the stakes were high, a loved one’s salvation lay hanging in the balance. How deceptive pride can be! Proud of my inabilities? — If it wasn’t my “job” to save them or fix the situation because of course I could NOT do that – then I can just walk away, back out, leave it all to God… stick my head in the sand and say “call me when it’s all better”. — But that’s NOT the type of warrior I was called to be. God didn’t ask me to DO any of that, He had it all covered (& still does). All I was asked to do was to die to myself – alive in HIM, a willing and ready vessel for HIM, the Lord, to use… for the Holy Spirit to speak through. The only task was to be willing.

The choice laid out before me, forgiveness granted, I found myself saying “Yes Lord, I am willing. I will trust You. I agree with Your will and Your plan. I want to go where You’re going. I am following where You lead me. And I am READY!” So I went… I felt a bit like Abraham, not at all sure how the Lord was working out the details – it looked like someone I love dearly was going to be sacrificed in some way – but trusting that God’s plan would end with His promises being fulfilled in my life! {Romans 8:28, Acts 16:13}

This story isn’t over yet. The miracle is still in the making. But the work being done in my heart is evident. I can feel the stretching, the breaking, and the healing. It is not at all easy, this road does have trials, but I am thankful for them all the same – each one has brought me to my knees and closer to the One I call Father. I will not ask that my path be easier, only that He continues to make it straight as He goes on before me. These troubles we face in life… I count them all joy, for the relationship of trust with Jesus is what we’re building here! I have not arrived, not one of us has. Oh what a day it will be – when we see our Jesus face to face!

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful for this broken road. It will help me to keep my eyes on the One True Path and the One that gives me hope! My prayer for you  – when the trials come, you will think of this and begin to say “It is well… with my soul.”

My friends, don’t trust the bridge… Trust the Bridge Maker!



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