Change for China boxes


Change for China boxesWOW! We are so excited!

The Royal Rangers at our very own Harvest Church have been helping us raise money for our trip by filling these ‘Change4China’* boxes with spare change over the last 6 weeks. Tonight was the big Pizza Party/Bake Sale Finale! The grand total was……

$560 from the KIDS!!!

Words cannot express our gratitude or the encouragement it brings to our heart when we see young people reaching out to help families on the other side of the world! These kids have hearts full of compassion & love for their neighbors & strangers in a far away land… We’re amazed at the commitment, hard work, & dedication that we saw from these young men these last few weeks! What a blessing it has been to share our journey with them & to have them praying for us! We are truly a TEAM friends… No man stands alone in this journey!

THANK YOU to all the Rangers & Commanders (K-12th grade)!

A special thanks goes to all the Ranger KIDS (K-2nd grade) who raised over $300 all by themselves!!! Way to Go Kids/Commanders!!! We also want to thank our amazing Pastors (P. Perry & P. Joyce) & our lead RR Commander (Chris) for letting us come & teach the kids as well as letting the kids join our TEAM! We are honored to be a part of training this dynamic generation of young men!


So who’s next????    ~~~~    ELEVATE 678 Jr. Higher’s!!!!

Check back next week to see if the Jr. High “World Changers” of Harvest Church can BEAT the Rangers & earn their very own Pizza Party!



*If you or your church/group would like to help us with our trip by collecting “Change4China”, having us share with your group of any size/age about our projects in China, or in any other way – please contact us through the blog or by email:  ‘


4 comments on “Change4China

  1. How AWESOME is that!?! I want some Change for China boxes!! I will give them to myself and my friends and whoever I think would want one 🙂

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