i wanna Shout

When I was a little girl a friend taught me something very important about my faith… I don’t remember the circumstance, but I can still clearly see the urgency in her face when she told me something I will never forget!

“No matter what, no matter where… Jesus is already there!”

I didn’t always go to church growing up. My parents didn’t always pray with me. But I knew who God was & knew that He loved me. Even without the words of my friend, I knew there was a special way I could talk with Jesus & I knew He was listening when I told Him all the things that I could never tell anyone else. What a comfort it was though, to learn that Jesus was not just listening, but right there WITH me in the middle of all my circumstances. It made a world of difference in how I talked with God. I began to KNOW Him in a new way, just because someone shared a bit of truth with me about WHO God really is & how much He really cares about us… Do you have a story like this? Did God reveal Himself to you or did someone tell you more about Him that made it easier for you to KNOW your Saviour better???

We’re moving to a land where very few people share this experience. Mostly they are left in that first stage of knowing He’s there, but not knowing that He’s also HERE in our midst. Knowing that He created them, but never hearing that He loves them & wants to talk WITH them… It’s our hope that while we’re there, we can offer tools & information from our own experience that will help our neighbors & newfound friends while we live alongside them in their land. We want to be friends that will teach them a little something that brings them a little closer to the One that loves them more than any of us can imagine.

Love shared by one friend CAN make a difference… My life has never been the same, has yours? In the words of another friend – “When I think about the Lord, It makes me wanna SHOUT!” Will you help us make this move? Please pray about it. We are ready & willing to change our lives so that God can change their lives. Will you stand in our corner & be a friend to those that are just waiting to know a little more?


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