X-mas Hong Kong style

Q: Christmas without Christ for 500?

A: What is X-mas in Hong Kong?

Skyscrapers covered in lights; bright shades of purple, pink, & neon green… Moving statue cakes & dolls towering 3 stories tall at every entrance… Shoppers going to & fro, streets & subways jam-packed with travelers & businessmen heading home… Sounds like Christmas Eve at Rockefeller Center in the Big Apple – the difference is, a few things are missing during Christmas in Hong Kong! Starting with winter, it doesn’t get colder than 50*F, most days it’s more like 65* with a slight breeze from the S. China Sea; & although businesses light up their walls & the 20 floor malls are decked to the top with bold & pastel colors, the tradition of lighting up homes & cutting down trees is not seen anywhere in the city. If there IS a tree, it is surely plastic & full of modern, ‘non-traditional’ colors & ornaments. Even the presents are missing, & the family ties that we hold dear in the States – Chinese New Year is more of a family holiday in China, & Christmas is ‘just another day’ off work & school, like Labor Day in America.

In Hong Kong, eccentric & new overshadows all things old or traditional… in fact, there is no tradition to Christmas in HK (even Santa comes up short), because the most important thing that IS missing, is Christ Himself! It’s not really that they X’d Christ out of Christmas, but more that they never really knew it was all about Him to begin with. Without any understanding of the origin, China & her people cannot ever truly know the meaning or the joy of Christmas.

How odd it is for us to think of such a world, but that is the normal experience for a child growing up in China. When Mark was young, living in Hong Kong, he remembers Chinese New Year being the only family & gift giving time… It wasn’t until he came to the states that sharing a birthday with Jesus even mattered to him. And it wasn’t until he accepted Jesus as his Saviour that He began to see how precious a day it was, to be born on the 25th of December. Now he knows the truth… that Christmas is NOT ‘just another day’ to shop & stay home from school, it is indeed a day of Celebration – for Christ was born to save us & deliver us! ~~ What can be done to share that truth with those still in the dark??

“So when will you leave???” ~ I can’t tell you how many times a week I hear this. My answer is simple.

” Just as soon as the Lord says – NOW! ”

As this year winds down, we are anxiously awaiting the ‘go-ahead’ to set our date for departure. What a day of excitement that will be, to know our paths will soon cross with many new friends who have always seen Christmas as ‘just another day’! We’re thrilled that so many of our friends here are excited for us too! We can’t wait to get to China, to live & work alongside our brothers & sisters in Hong Kong, to learn from them & to share with them the hope & the joy that we have! Wouldn’t it be a miracle if everyone we met would receive the gift of CHRISTmas in 2011??!! Our hearts are already there, we just need to wrap up the finances so that we can get the rest of us to China as soon as possible in the beginning of this new year, a year of miracles!

Here are a few things that you can help with that will get us closer to that day! 

~~~>PRAY! That’s the biggest need! – We know that God will supply all our needs & He will prepare the way before us. We know that HIS timing is the best & in HIS will is the safest place to be! – We have listed our prayers needs on the right column.  (We will get the ‘Green Light’ to GO when our budget is 100% raised. We currently have over 60% of our cash & over 30% of our monthly budget.)

~~~> Some of you have asked about a way to give online in order to meet the year-end giving deadline. We now have a secure paypal account that you can access anytime! Simply click here  —> “Help Send Us To China” or on the button in the right column – you can make a donation of any amount with paypal or with your credit card. All gifts are tax-deductible.

~~~> We are praying that 100 people will support our move by making a commitment of $7/month by this February. If God puts it on your heart to make a monthly commitment of any amount, please contact us (kwong.mj@gmail.com) & we will assist you in whatever way we can!


4 comments on “X-mas Hong Kong style

  1. Beloved Mark & Joy, how well we know what you are experience in this moment. “Just leave already!” Huh? 😉

    We are blessed by your faithfulness and determination to live outside the boundaries of comfort, security and fear. For us, there is no turning back! We cringe at the thought of attempting to return to “normal” life in Elk Grove. That is no longer “normal” and can in no possible way satisfy us. We are hopelessly ruined for the remainder of our life on this side of eternity.

    Blessings, PR

  2. I LOVE your Blog site! Thank you for taking the time to put it together! You know that our hearts and prayers are with you all, we have your prayer card up in two places in our home, so you are always being thought of and your names are called before the throne of grace continually! He IS the Great and Awesome God, so it is in HIM that we continue to call out for provision, preparation, and ultimately the Promotion of this vision into reality!

    Love you all, excited to be a part of your lives and the life to come in China!

    Auntie Teri

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