Chemistry - Dissapearing Ink!


“When you read you begin with ABC…

When you sing you begin with Do-Re-Mi…”

Almost time for Spring Break, almost time for STAR testing, the end of the year is getting closer and closer and we still have so much to do… Homeschooling three active boys has it’s challenges for sure! But it also brings many chances to be creative & enjoy the art of learning once again… Chemistry - Dissapearing Ink!

Tryston is enjoying his new Chemistry set these days, what boy doesn’t love disappearing ink and blowing things up?! We’ve had a chance to look into all the new college requirements lately, scholarships are looking like a very good option too, searching the net to get an idea of what kind of grades are needed to get those scholarships turned out to be time well spent! Things have changed a LOT in the last couple decades!

As for Joe and Wes, school is half fun and half games! LOL They seem to take on every subject with energy and enthusiasm… Not a bad deal for mom/teacher, so I can’t complain at all. I think the favorite over all is science, lately we’ve been building a shadow box of sorts, filled with all the creatures of the ocean that we’re studying!

For those that may be wondering, YES! We will still be homeschooling once we move to Hong Kong! In fact, there are quite a few homeschooling expat families already living in the village that we hope to be in. All the boys are looking forward to new adventure while learning about our new home in China, there will be opportunity for hiking, climbing, fishing, and hopefully kite-flying too – all while studying our everyday subjects like math and language! Picnic and history lessons on top of a mountain with views of the South China Sea anyone???


Your thoughts?

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