reaching China

Whew! What a week it’s been… Every year our colleagues get together for a big conference. It’s a time to visit with friends & get acquainted with new ones, also a time to tend to business meetings & be refreshed by great teaching & encouraging prayers!! For those of us that work overseas, this is a time to make connections & get folks excited about what we’re doing! Every step is one step closer to reaching China – Hope to be there before next Fall!

So many stories to tell, we can’t even begin… Let’s just say that God is good & His hand was in everything that happened during this year’s conference. As for the Kwongs, we had a wonderful time with so many genuine people. We even added 4 new Team Members, & 3 new speaking dates! We still need help to get to 100% on our budget – every penny counts… Will you prayerfully consider how God would have you help us reach China?

STATS update ~ (100% = 1m to CHINA!)

  • Cash Raised: $22,000 = 65%
  • Monthly Pledges Raised: $1500/m = 35%

Still Needed ~ (36 Team Members @ $50/m)

  • Cash Needed: $13,500
  • Monthly Pledges Needed: $1800/m

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