grateful Hearts

Spending a few moments reflecting today, I find myself speechless before God. I am just so grateful for all He has done in & through our lives already. It’s encouraging & inspiring to look back at your own testimony, knowing God desires to take you even farther & deeper still! Hold on friends, He’s not done with us yet!

Today I thank my Father in heaven for one of the best gifts He’s given me… Eternal life for my amazing husband Mark! Easter Sunday will be the 8th anniversary of when Mark said YES to Christ & our lives have never been the same! Praise be to God above!!! It’s been such an adventure & we can’t wait to see the new things in store for our journey in China!

As I sent out Thank You notes today, I was reminded that we are ALL in this together. Through thick & thin, Mark & I have so many of you to thank for all the encouragement & support you have given…

We wouldn’t be where we are without so many faithful, loving & PRAYING friends! Thank you ALL!

Lastly, we’re looking forward to time with family this week – rejoicing together & praising our Lord! We hope you are rejoicing in Jesus this week also! My Aunt has invited us to her annual Seder Dinner… Not knowing much about it, I googled & came across a short-n-sweet website that explains. In case you’re curious also:


Your thoughts?

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