Kwong/Mickschl kids

a forever Home

We took time out of our fundraising to raise funds for someone else today!

Our very dear friends, Mark & Hansina are adopting another precious child (# 3) from Eastern Europe to make their family complete! This family has become our family, knit together on a heart level… Please pray for them as they journey to Eastern Europe once again to rescue one more sweet baby, Little Lydiah!!!

Kwongs & Mickshls

Joy & Hansina with Mark & Mark - Las Vegas 3/2011

Kwong/Mickschl kids

Kwong & Mickschl Kids (minus John-David) - Las Vegas 3/2011

Joy @ Chic Fil AT @ Chic Fil AHere’s a few pics of our time @ Chic-Fil-A this am! What a blessing to have their help in bringing Lydiah home to her FOREVER family as the newest little Mickschl!

If you live in the Sacramento/Elk Grove area – YOU CAN HELP too! Just drop by Chic-Fil-A on Bond Rd. anytime from now until Saturday May 7th – Tell them you’re there to help Lydiah come home & 20% of your purchase price will go into her fund!!!

Wes @ Chic Fil A

Little Lydiah

For more info on our friends & their journey, visit their blogs:


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