Busy days ahead

Only a couple more weeks of ‘official’ school days until summer break & then we all get to spend our days relaxing in the pool while sipping ice tea… Sounds great right?? Yup, but it’s not gonna happen for THIS lady! HAHA – Nope, this Mama will be a busy bee this summer…

energizer bunnyMark just got off the phone & announced that we are booked solid with speaking dates from now until the end of July! How exciting & daunting all at once!!! At least 3 of those dates are in Las Vegas, while the rest are all over Northern CA. In addition to all this travel & ministering, we will be continuing with our homeschool studies in an effort to make up for time already lost through all of our travels during the whole school year… Oh, and did I mention that our van is out of commission since before the last Vegas trip, which means we are still trying to adjust to 3 boys sharing the SMALL backseat of our car! … We will certainly be going going going this summer, hope we can keep ourselves charged up along the way!

Please keep us in prayer while YOU relax in your pools this summer! We are so ready to get this show on the road, literally… and we need your prayers to keep it going. Many of you have shared that you have friends asking about how they can help – please send them to this blog or give them our number! {(916) 600-3874} God moves on the hearts of men to provide for His ministry, we want to be a vessel for His work everywhere we go… but we need His provision, which comes through people like you & your friends, before we can GO anywhere.  (You can check our latest budget stats in the right column, as of today we are at 80% with our cash, but still behind with only 40% on our monthly partnerships!)

We have been so very blessed by all of you that are praying, encouraging & supporting us on this journey! No family on earth could ask for better friends than all of you! Keep Praying!!! We’re almost there! China or Bust!!!


Your thoughts?

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