Miko’s journey: becoming SUPER

Part of our journey to China includes our kids becoming TCKs or Third Culture Kids! (a blog all itself, more on that another day) In any case, the short & sweet is that our kids are part of a special group of children/adults that have grown up & lived in more than one culture – resulting in their own personal culture becoming a mixture rather than any one of them alone. {For more TCK info: http://tckinternational.com/tcks/tckflag.php}

MIKO is our Chameleon friend that represents this TCK group of kids! He has a flag with 3 colors that mean the following:

The blue section of the flag represents the TCK’s passport culture. The yellow section represents the TCK’s new culture. The chameleon in the middle is named “MiKo.” TCKs often feel like they don’t belong to one single culture, but rather take pieces of both cultures and blend them in their lives. That is why TCKs are represented by the green chameleon. They are green because they are a blending together of two cultures, the blue and the yellow. The chameleon signifies an TCK’s ability to adapt to their surroundings and blend into the culture they are living in at the time.

So our kids decided that Miko is more than a mascot, he is filled with the power of Jesus to enable him to Do All Things (just like the kids are!) & so being powerful, he is in fact a super hero… & every super here must have a cape! Below you will find the pics that journal Miko’s transformation from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY, from Miko to SUPER MIKO!!!  {Wesley’s Miko has a cape with a hood, Joseph’s has a cape w/o a hood. These capes were made from the sleeve of a simple kid-size undershirt. Anyone wanting to make their own can comment/email us for the pattern!}


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