Admin Day vs. Road Trip

Paperwork, Data Entry, Email Clean Out, Phone Calls, Lesson Plans ::: Driving w/ Windows Down, Blasting MOM’S cd, Laying on the Beach w/ the Girls

This is for all the Moms out there that work harder at home than anyone would ever imagine! What if instead of a weekly “Admin Day” we started a weekly (okay, monthly… yearly???) “Run Away Day”?? We’ll call it ‘Mom’s Day Off’ & we’ll get all our Girlfriends together & just get in the car & drive! Road tripping WITHOUT kids is actually super fun. We should all do it on a regular basis!

My theory is that one day away with a few crazy fun girls will last us a while & make much calmer, happier Mommies out of us! Our hubbies know all about time out of the house. In fact, MOST of them get that every day at work… And then some of them (like MINE) really SHOULD get out of the house for a bit every day, even if they don’t have to leave to get their work done… LOL So it’s about time that we Mommies take some time to refresh & get away – just with other ladies that KNOW what we go through day in & day out! Wouldn’t that be a welcome change? Shouldn’t we PLAN it so that we don’t keep saying, “that sounds fun… one day we’ll get to it…”?!?

That’s about all I’ve got for you today. Nothing too complex. Just an idea, from one hard working Mom to another! Leave me a comment if you agree – especially if you’d like to join the upcoming Mommy Getaway that i just decided to plan for some future date…. maybe August??? Throw out your ideas for dates & destinations – I am totally serious, so let the fun-planning begin ladies!!! 😀      ~JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!~


Your thoughts?

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