Chinese Farmers transplanting rice plant seedlings.

iTrust you

Chinese Farmers transplanting rice plant seedlings.

Chinese Farmers transplanting rice plant seedlings.

I just read a story that may help you-

“There was a young man who lived on a farm with his father.They had massive fields that many people helped to seed, grow and harvest. The son one day was set with the task of fertilizing the fields, which in his mind was the worst task of all. He asked his father “Why me dad? Why can’t someone else do it we have so many helpers that could do it! I am so much better than this!” the father offered no reply but only wept at his son’s question. Everyday for the next few days the son continued to say the same thing and everyday the father only cried. One day the son asked the father “Why won’t you answer my question you only cry?” and the father replied “Because you don’t ask the right question, I have a reason for why I want you to do this but you are only selfish and do not care for me.”. The son was very confused by this reply and left his father for a short time. All of the sudden what his father said sunk deep in his heart and he began to cry, so he went to his father and said “Father can you please the meaning behind me fertilizing the field?”, the father smiled this time and replied “Son this job is one I know you can do well and I need you there because there is no one better than you, yes there are far greater tasks that you can do but this is one you do better than anyone else. Please be proud in your work and know that I trust you here with this task.”. The son left his father happy knowing that he wasn’t being punished but rather rewarded.”

-I can say that this has helped me today, I sometimes look at my “problems” as punishment rather than a chance to make my Father proud… I hope this encourages you today!


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