school at Home

So many things I could share about my thoughts on homeschooling my kids… But today I will keep it to the basics.

I am so grateful for the privilege of teaching and training my kids at home! It is often a challenge, but I need that too! Most of the time the challenges are where we all learn life and character lessons, so I am grateful for that also. It’s so amazingly rewarding to see the ways my three young men grow and learn together in the Lord… Isn’t He the One that teaches us all anyway?!

This year is another year of itinerating, fundraising for our big move across the ocean. That changes the normal school routine up a bit, in a good way. It means we have less guaranteed time at home, no time to waste really! So we choose a couple of days a week to really buckle down and get the most important learning done – then we either travel all over (sharing what God is doing in our lives and raising funds) or we use the other days at home for fun projects or family time. Traveling almost every week of the past year has taught us all to not only be more efficient with our time when we ARE home, but also to enjoy the quiet family moments when we can just relax and be together…

We’re starting off this new school year with an easy ‘warm-up’ week. The younger boys are creating poster boards to tell their new ‘Supervising Teacher’ (the person that reports how we’re doing to the charter school that helps us pay for materials and generates a report card based on mom’s recommendations) all about themselves. – I am so blessed by what they chose to write as their favorite things; special summer memories, and just who they are and what they are about… These little guys love the Lord, love learning and totally enjoy all the extra family time they’ve had this last year and during summer vacation! What more could a mom ask for?!

Thank you all for your prayers! We continue to trust our Father to take care of all of our needs… Each day we are closer to our goals, closer to China! We can’t wait to get there and get to our new adventures that are waiting for our arrival!

Check back next week for an update from the kids – complete with pics from our summer adventures! šŸ™‚


Your thoughts?

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