summer pics ~byTryston

Hi this is Tryston and I’m doing the blog this time…well kinda.  I’m putting pictures of my summer up here.  Thank you so much for praying for us and supporting us. -TK

Me and my friend Morgan on her 13th birthday - a bunch of us went out to Ice Cream in a limo!

state fair

My bros ate too much cotton candy a the CA State Fair (as you can tell).

me and my friend mason

Me and my friend Mason hanging out at his house. This was the only 'normal' pic.


Me and my bros swimming in our "empty" pool while Dad refilled it.

me n luke

Me and my friend Luke, we were supposed to be cleaning up after you can tell, we got caught messing around on the job.

new hair

Me with my new hairstyle after getting my hair cut at a cool salon.

game nite

Sometimes, we just relax and play a game.... this is also my old hair.

Me and my best friend R.J. went to a camp while my brothers were at the state fair.

Pastor Sean Smith gave me $50 towards my guitar (shown here).


My bros & the Pasion kids - we got to visit & hike through a cool park.


The Guys - @ the Giants game in SF w/ Dad's friend, Pastor Phil & his family.


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