exciting Times

Well friends, PRAISE THE LORD, things are moving right along here. So many details to take care of that I have no time to upload/edit pics from our trip…

So far this week, in addition to regular chores & our usual daily list of phone calls, school, etc. we have: slept all day Sat. except for Chinese lessons, found lost cats, spoke at 2 churches in 2 different towns on Sunday & crashed again, started 3 weeks of “no wheat” on Monday, restocked empty fridge, received a miracle sized offering of $5,000 in one phone call on Monday (sending us into “get ready to get on a plane mode!”), unpacked the kids road trip bags, cleaned/vacuumed to freshen the house, visited with Grandpa (who is very sick), came home to a sick kid, cleaned the car in/out, recorded a promo video, called Dr. about travel shots, judo lessons, coffee w/ friends,  scheduled travel shot appointment & other check-ups, calls to/from our ‘boss’ people, checked the budget numbers over & over again, checked in with our home church about our visit there next Sunday, shopped for “no wheat birthday cake” ingredients, Wed. night church (Youth Group/Worship, Royal Rangers & Pastor Sean Smith!), birthday party supply shopping for Sat., thrift store searching for growing kid, “no wheat” fast food search = hard shells @ Taco Bell for lunch, & right now… about to take kids to judo lessons while Mark & I attempt to spend a few minutes together over dinner before picking them up! *whew*

So this is me checking in with all of you! Love & Prayers going out –

– & eventually, some pics will appear!

Oh, & we are ALMOST at 100% on the ENTIRE BUDGET!!! (Actually just waiting for a couple checks to clear to make it official!) So exciting, tomorrow we will get passports ordered for the kids (Mark & I have ours) & next week we all get shots… thanks for your continued prayers! Faithful friends like you are so important to us! – We are preparing to leave the States & head to China the week right after Christmas! Here we GO!


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