scorpions, snakes & chameleons – OhMy!

“That was the BEST Birthday Party EVER!!!” -Joey & Wesley

Tryston, Joey & Wesley - Holding 10 ft Albino Burmese Python

Ever wonder what homeschoolers do for birthday parties?? Well, for J & W’s Birthday Party (J-8, W-7) we rented out the party room & hooked up a private tour at The Serpentarium in Lodi!  They did a WONDERFUL job in decorating & making sure we all had a wonderful time! Special Shout Out to our amazing hostess, Sylvia!!! Another shout out to my beautiful friend Leilanni Nitta who made our tasty “wheat free” Frog/Lizard Cake Pops!!! Thanks for everything!!!

Kids all holding 10 ft Albino Burmese Python

Thank you also to all our friends that were able to come & celebrate with us! Everyone had a blast meeting the many wonderful animals & the best part was sharing it with all of you!!!

Enjoy the slideshow – be sure to check out all the great facial expressions on the kids and parents too! What a crack-up to see how everyone reacts so differently to the cool & sometimes creepy critters!

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