Honor Guard with Flag

a sweet Farewell

Joseph praying for his Great Grandfather...

Joseph praying for his Great Grandfather...

Joseph stood as the Pastor called for those with a need to come forward and pray. As he waited for his turn to pray, he knew it was not a time of sorrow, he had faith that his prayers would be answered. He knew his beloved Great Grandfather was nearing the end of his days… but Joseph calmly prayed that he would see him once again in Heaven. He wasn’t worried. He trusted God’s promises and was content in the peace the Father gave to him…

The Kwong men say "farewell".

"See you soon Great Grandpa!"

The very next night, we got a phone call. Grandpa is not getting better… But he was making sure his ticket to Heaven was secure. Prayers were going up all around and Grandpa was ready to meet his Lord. Some of us were able to say ‘Farewell – we’ll see you again.’ before he passed. Others were with him, praying and reading the 23rd Psalm as he left us. The Kwong boys said their “See you agains” this week at the services held this week to honor and celebrate the earthly life of this most wonderful of men!

Your prayers have held us up through these last few days friends… The cancer that took our Grandpa’s health and destroyed his body, has not taken his soul and we rejoice in the knowledge that we will soon see him again! Here on earth, Grandpa was a man cut from an old fashioned cloth… a man of hard work and a gentle spirit. There was never a question he couldn’t answer, and often his answers were so well spoken we never questioned him, even when he bluffed. He was a devoted husband, loving father and adventurous grandfather – it was our honor to have been born into his family heritage… Now in Heaven, Grandpa is surely rejoicing with friends and praising our wonderful Father with joy overflowing in his heart! — We do not grieve like the world, but we will miss Grandpa’s fantastic stories, the heart to heart fishing trips and the playful banter… until we meet again Grandpa – Go rest High on that Mountain! Farewell!

Honor Guard with Flag.

Military Honors.

Father – The greatest display of grace was the day Jesus gave His life on Calvary. We are all here today to celebrate a life that was saved eternally. It’s moments like these that we need strength from You Lord, because Your power is made perfect in our weaknesses. When we are weak, You are strong. Your grace is sufficient. Your grace is enough. Lord, watch over us and our steps, for You are the One that gives us strength and keeps our ways secure. -Amen.


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