trust HIM in the Waiting

Today we find ourselves waiting once again. There’s a sense of excitement throughout our home as we are all very busy with packing, sorting, storing & cleaning. But none the less, still waiting… Any day now that phone will ring & it will be someone calling to say “It’s Official, Go Buy Your Plane Tickets!” ! That is what we’re waiting for!!! That final approval from the boss that says – “NOW! GO!” . We are READY, we’re getting SET… & very, very soon, we will GO!!!

Have you ever had a promise in your heart so big you thought you’d burst if it ever really happened? For me, it’s like being pregnant with that first baby… so much anticipation & very little knowledge of what it will really be like. We’re about to make the biggest change in our lives, moving to another country a half a world away from everything we know & love… & yet, just like being pregnant, there is a part of each of us that feels at peace & completely secure that – “This is sooo Right”! Just trusting that we will feel right at home once it all becomes reality.

We find that peace & security in our Father in Heaven. He’s with us each step of this journey, He guided us to take this leap of faith… So we listen to that still small voice whispering words of encouragement in our ear. He tells us to be strong, stand tall & lean on Him in times of doubt or when our strength fails us. You see, none of us is alone in this life. We need only to respond to that voice that whispers LOVE to us. Turn to Jesus & say, HELP. He always will. When the time comes to say Farewell to this side of the world, we will jump with joy, our hearts will fill with gladness – as a mother holding her first baby! There will be pain in the goodbyes, as with any new birth, but it will be growing pains from stretching our faith & trusting all the more… Goodbyes are not forever when the Lord’s the Lord of us! 🙂 We thank you all for your prayers, both now & while we’re overseas. What a blessing it is to know that we have all of you in our corner!

As you may already know, a woman waiting for her baby to be born can often be found “nesting” – so it is with us. While waiting for that ‘call’, we are busy bees making ready for the final steps of faith that will move our entire life & family 10,000 miles away! There were passports to order, shots to get & pets to find new homes for. Now there are boxes to pack for storage, luggage to buy & pack, piles of things to donate or give to friends & still more to clear from our house of 8 yrs. Amazing to me how many ‘things’ we collect over the years! So while we’re waiting… we are busy preparing… & content in trusting our loving Father, He is also preparing the way for our family in a new land!

Our sweet family dog "Delli" needs a home!

Delli is loving & loyal... & needs a new family!!

We are still praying & trusting God for a loving home for our sweet nine yr old family dog “Delli”, so if you or anyone you know may be interested – please let us know right away… She is a GSH Pointer mix that loves kids & is a quite & loyal friend! She’s never been sick, & will not run away or ruin your yard. We adore her, but love her too much to put her through the rough transition & quarantine of going to another country. Will you help us find her a new family???


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