Arrival in HK

Walking all day has never been more fun! We have been on the move since the moment we arrived at SFO, non stop adventures, prayers & of course, blessings too! Here’s just a very brief run down, more to follow (with pics) once we have our own internet in our apt. set up.

Departure: There were mix-ups regarding the cost of our luggage. We paid the extra rather than miss the plane while trying to find a cheaper way… While checking in the bags, the credit card stopped working (thankfully only for a few min.) & the time it took to fix it left us with 30m to get through security & onto the plane… Mark was returning the rental car & almost didn’t meet us at the security line… We mistakenly had 9v batteries in our carry-on… After a few prayers they let us through & with a few more prayers they let us take the guitar on as carry-on… The flight was smooth & everyone slept & slept!!! Praise God!

Arrival: Joey got food poisoning from the plane food. He felt better after being sick while stuck in the immigration line… Despite concerns over our one way flight, we sailed through immigration & customs!… Our friends were there to greet us & we were so excited to see familiar & friendly faces on the other side of the world! – After a few adventures with the taxi driver, we made it to our new apt… Tower 7 out of 10 (so far… soon there will be 50!) – 51st floor out of 70! Furniture, dishes, towels, blankets & food already there… & Ocean View!!! So blessed by our friends who prepared everything for us!

The rest… will have to come later as our internet time is up for now. Love to all & many prayers & blessings too! Thanks for praying for us! Many more adventures & stories to come! Stay Tuned!


13 comments on “Arrival in HK

  1. Everything was set up for you. That is beautiful! Sitting here crying this morning thinking how wonderful to walk into an apartment all ready to go! God is so good! CIA-Christ in Action! Love and miss you!

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