smells like Home

I was enticed by the delicious smell of fresh, hot sweet bread wafting past me as I was walking through the city today. One arm full of groceries, the other holding firmly to a wandering child… at the risk of dropping everything or losing my grip on the boy, I turned into the alley to find the source of the smell. That’s when it hit me. The “other” smells that we all have become well acquainted with: a rather unique blend of cigarette smoke mixed with sewer draft, with a touch of stale urine on the side… not the type of thing this Californian family is used to. Not at all a pleasant combination & terribly rude of the city to completely overpower the lovely smell of the bread baking at the other end of the alley… For a city that prides itself on clean & green living, this is really stretching it, don’t ya think?? But at the end of the day, the bread still tastes the same, in fact, so do the fried fishballs on the next corner. So all we can say after the last few weeks is, Hong Kong is beginning to smell like home friends!

We are eager to call & skype & FB with all of you! Please keep praying that our internet will be up & running in the house very soon!! Until then, love & hugs to all, from the not so cozy (actually icey cold) public internet room in our complex…


4 comments on “smells like Home

  1. My prayers are with you all. Looking forward to more posts. I love to see in my inbox a new post from you on the blog. Be safe. Love ya. God bless you all.

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