your excuse is Invalid

Sitting in bed with the covers over your head, blocking out the world, hiding from the pain – or drowning in it. We’ve all had those days. Weather the pain is physical, emotional or spiritual. It can overwhelm & paralyze us, stop us in our tracks. It’s almost easier to welcome it in than to try to fight through it or fight it off of us, that cloud of fear, depression, loneliness, the aching in your gut, in your heart… Will it always be this way? Why me? When will I get out of this pit? But life doesn’t have to stay that way friends. Really, those moments can be just that, a fleeting moment that you leave in the past. Jesus came to this world to free us from all that haunts us & holds us down. His love & power has made a way of escape for you & me… Sure, you can try to find comfort in the familiar pain. But wouldn’t you rather follow Jesus into the pre-approved plan that God has for your life, knowing that His plans for you include Hope & a Future with Him in Heaven one day! Take a look at these pictures… It’s true, our excuses are invalid.

I’m just like you. I find moments to feel sorry for myself. It’s normal. What’s not normal, not ok, is staying there & soaking in the bad & ugly… rather than reminding yourself to encourage yourself in the LORD! That’s where I turn in those moments… Why? Because I have learned never to let the enemy steal my JOY. I have seen what living in the Light does, it changes your perspective. Brings you out of the darkness & into the truth. Try reading the bible when your heart is sad, try talking to Jesus when you feel so weak you can’t move, try asking Him to strengthen you – to give you wisdom in your situations. He WILL. I can promise you He WILL!

Here’s an example from my life just this week: Many of you know that I live with a metabolic disorder, PCOS. It’s not a huge life threatening issue. It’s similar to food allergies or diabetes. If taken care of, just a small thing – but if left unchecked, it can get out of control & cause much more serious problems for me physically. Anyway, the meds that help me to keep things under control, they can have harsh side-effects. The crazy part is learning how to avoid them, as they seem to come/go. (We think/hope that certain foods affect it, just trying to find which foods to avoid.) – So last week was a ‘bad’ side-effect week. I was going strong, getting our new house all situated & ready to start school with the kids… Then WHAM! Stuck in bed, in pain, not wanting to eat, weak… lonely, frustrated, aching in my body & going stir crazy in my mind because of things left unfinished around the house. Then there were days when I felt crummy but had to soldier through getting dressed & going out & smiling while visiting friends/family for Chinese New Year (more on that in a later post). All the while I wanted to go back to my bed where I could curl up & be miserable in peace. Ever feel like that? Well, in the midst of it all, I heard the Holy Spirit comforting me, “I am here with you.” He said. I would smile & go another mile. Then “Lean on me, I will help you.” I began to praise Him for all the things he’s already brought me through. So many trials I have overcome because of the Spirit guiding & strengthening me…

The final nudge back to my JOY in the Lord & my strength which comes from Him too… A reminder of two incredible people who never gave up. (See pictures above) People who surely had days even worse than mine. Yet they put aside their excuses & became people who know what it is to lean on Christ & allow Him to carry you… but also how to pull themselves up by their bootstraps & journey on without whining, just because they KNOW their strength comes from the Lord & He will never fail them! A reminder we all need now & then. So here are their stories for you to read. Know that you have a CHOICE, to make excuses & wallow in the pain… or to climb out of the muck – asking the Father to pull you from the mire & on to victory in HIM! Say it with me, “No More Excuses! One Step At A Time!” — As always friends, I am praying for you. Even if we’re worlds apart. Love you lots & Jesus loves you more.

Cody’s Story – Texas boy w/ prosthetic legs

Nick Vujicic – Life Without Limbs

Nick’s Story

*More on Chinese New Year & other Hong Kong tidbits next time!*


6 comments on “your excuse is Invalid

  1. So so true! It’s oh so easy to dwell in our own misery. You know we often say it is too hard to rely on the Lord, but I am learning it is so much easier to start out leaning on him instead of fighting him. It is pointless to fight cause he will still be there LOL.

    • Indeed! He will be there & truthfully, He is waiting for us to welcome His help in every situation! – Thanks for reading sister, love you so much! -jk

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