What day is it?

That should be an easy question, especially for a teacher/mom that checks email & schedules hourly… However, with all the running to & fro, all the subway maps to memorize & time differences to work around when making arrangements for renting our house back in the states… I often manage to lose track of the date! Just last week I almost forgot my own birthday! 😀

All of that to say, I have a growing list of things to tell you all about our adventures, our observations & new discoveries lately… but alas, the time (& even the date) escapes me! I will get to it my friends, but for now, it’s almost 8pm & Daddy is still at prayer while I have only JUST finished today’s school & prep for tomorrow… In other words, no one has cooked dinner yet!

Sending you all love & hugs from ours to yours! If YOU have time… please update us about YOUR ADVENTURES! Shoot us an email, leave a comment below or find us on FB (A great place to see our latest pics & such that only take us moments to share)! We are praying for you all every day, & I promise to get started on that list of stories for you very soon!

Click below to watch our video of the fireworks on CNY.

It was the most amazing thing!

2012 Chinese New Year Fireworks

Here’s some pics I found on the web. It was a lavish display & a glorious sight!

Leave it to the Chinese, they invented the stuff after all!

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