heroes worth knowing… Taylor Morris

There’s nothing more inspiring for a young boy than a hero who saves the day, nothing that captures a little girl’s heart quite the same as a knight in shinning armor. As a mom of three growing boys, I am always on the hunt for hero stories that will grab their attention & spur them on to discover the greatness already in their hearts. Greatness placed there by God, the ultimate hero. The same greatness these boys of mine witness in their Dad’s life and the lives of so many others around them. I wrote about looking to God & others for inspiration last January, you can read that & check out the heroes I highlighted then HERE: your excuse is Invalid

This week I stumbled upon the story of a true modern day hero, Taylor Morris. An American soldier, a warrior, a man refusing to allow his circumstances to keep him down. A man who knows where his hope lies and trusts that with God’s help, he will overcome! But he isn’t the only character in the story, Taylor’s surrounded by an entire team of heroes… His support warriors include family, loved ones, friends & now even strangers across the world that are praying for him, sending encouraging words & simply standing firmly beside him in his journey. Don’t we all need that? Isn’t that why God tells us that it is important to not give up fellowship with believers & to seek out Godly counsel in times of need?!

Taylor was deployed (to Afghanistan I think) with the Navy this last January 2012. (Only 1 month after my family arrived in Hong Kong) He came home early, in May 2012. He was severely wounded in action, resulting in the loss of a portion of ALL FOUR LIMBS. His story, his fight to recover, his ups & downs over the last month in the military hospital have already been an amazing struggle, triumph & above all, truly inspiring… Team Taylor has set up a great site where you can be encouraged by his life, learn how to pray for his recovery/healing & even give towards his expenses as the Lord leads you. In the “Journal” section, Taylor’s family/friends take turns contributing stories for all who want to follow Taylor’s journey. Rather than repost the entire saga, I’ll just let you click over to Taylor’s page below.

Taylor Morris – The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Do you know my friend Taylor Morris? – a friend’s visit.



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