straight to God’s heart… in Unity

Why do churches compete for numbers or fame? Why do ministries jostle for position with the pastor & hope they are granted more resources than the others?? Aren’t we all working towards the same goal?? Can’t we do that by working together & sharing the resources?? Don’t the arms HELP the hands as i type? Don’t the feet HELP the legs to walk??

Friends, the Church is like the body. Each member has been designed for a specific role, that purpose can often function alone, but can always accomplish more when working in UNITY with all the other members of the body (church)…

This is true for each individual in a church. Also for each ministry. And again for each church with in the Kingdom. We all have our ROLE to play, but when we do it together (instead of in competition or in isolation) we are tapping into a powerful Christ authored unity that sets us on the path to doing ‘Even Greater Things’ than Christ Himself while He taught on Earth…

1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12

“This is how we look in GOD’S hands!” -Wesley, 7yrs


Your thoughts?

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