straight to God’s heart… never TOO late

It breaks my heart to hear the defeat & pain in the voice of someone who has believed, even for one second, that it’s already too late for them… That is the devil’s lie & he never stops trying to make you believe it. We must BREAK through to the light – surround ourselves with WORSHIP & the Word… even when you cannot pray, the Lord protects you through an atmosphere of praise… sit in it, soak in it, begin to regain your strength from it… We love you. We will fight with you & for you… how much more is your Father in heaven wanting to protect you?!
It’s NOT too late my friends… God wants to restore all the broken pieces of your heart & soul… He STILL has a glorious & beautiful plan for you!!! YOU can still walk in His grace – simply ASK Him to transform you & let the healing begin! ♥ ♥ ♥

Our paths cross with thousands of hurting people every HOUR here in Hong Kong… We try to pray silently for strangers even while waiting for the next train… You never know who needs your prayers the most.


2 comments on “straight to God’s heart… never TOO late

    • I am blessed that you have enjoyed our blog so much! I will definitely have a look & see what all the award entails… Hope you will keep reading along with us! Have a very wonderful day! -jk

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