4th of july… Hong Kong & Macau style

It was our first 4th of July without sparklers… Although we did see the amazing HK fireworks on July 1st. – We did our best to fit in some typical “All American 4th” activities however, including a day at the beach, dinner with friends & apple pie!In order to fit in all the ‘traditions’, we ended up spreading our celebrating across a few different days. Other adventures thrown in the mix were an afternoon spent visiting the Cage Homes as a family (we love to serve others together as a team) & a trip to Macau (required to activate our visas for another year). So we actually ended up celebrating the 4th of July on two islands, in two different countries & neither had very many people who would have known or cared what we were celebrating… We of course missed being with many of you back in California,  the guys especially missed playing with explosives in the driveway… but we made do, hope you like the pics! Here’s to Freedom & being American!


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3 comments on “4th of july… Hong Kong & Macau style

  1. Thank you for sharing the great pics! We missed doing fireworks in your driveway too. I didn’t miss the 5 hour drive though

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