manners please, boys & Girl!

So I’ve been MIA for a while on here, but for good reason. We’ve been busy getting things ready & then yesterday we got a daughter! … ok, we BORROWED her, but she’s ours for a whole month! So we are officially Mom & Dad to four amazing kids, at least for August 2012!

Stephani came with Hot Cheetos for all!

With having another female in the house, all four of my boys (Dad included) have been in a state of confusion for the last 24hrs! Along with the joys of living with a ‘sister’, there are the challenges too. What do you do when a GIRL is using your shower & has locked the bathroom?? How do you play video games with a new sister sleeping on the couch?? But Dad always laughs when I burp & fart all loud like, why doesn’t Stephani think it’s hilarious?? Many adjustments are under way, manners are improving & one day soon, we may even get them to leave the toilet seat down. All thanks to having a female house guest for a month! Every family of all male children should try this, what better way to train a household of men to be better husbands & fathers one day!?!

We’re so glad for the break in routine & the visit time with Steph, & yes, glad to have a ‘daughter’ in the house for a month. Looking forward to the new adventures & showing her around town & what it is we do here in Hong Kong! She’s excited to be on the other side of the globe & is ready for anything we throw at her! Oh, to be 19 & taking on the world! – Of course, the challenges are not only for the boys, being 19 & raised in a home w/o brothers… well she has a whole new world welcoming her! In fact, it’s only day 2 now, & she’s already encountered spit flying onto her (accidentally) & a full on ambush during the nerf dart wars… Wonder what will be next, wet willies or couch jumping 6am wake up “snuggles/tickles”???

Stephani’s first day (yesterday) was chock full of activities. Mostly to keep her awake in order to help with the jet lag… After her 17hrs of travel from San Fransisco, Steph arrived in HK right at 8:30am. Of course, once she found us at the airport, we had to help her get back into the secure area to find her luggage… Thankfully, Mark has a way of speaking Cantonese at just the right moments. Love Him! Then it was off to our flat to get her settled & drop off luggage. Next, we found a bus that took us up to the tourist ‘lookout’ spot called The Peak. Must repeat that one on a clear & sunny day – but the adventure was fun even with foggy views. After returning to the city, we introduced Steph to our homeless friends in the North Point area, she was thrilled to dive right in on her first day! Looking forward to her getting more involved in the weeks to come… Last, we took her to a Hot Pot dinner where a big pot sits on a stove built into your table & raw food is thrown in the bowling soup & everyone takes their pick from the pot!

All FOUR of our kids at The Peak, Hong Kong.

Amazing how much busier life can be with only one added person. Hopefully between helping with jet-lag, culture shock & manners review, I’ll still get around to posting here. Then again, I just might be too busy having fun with my new partner in crime… There’s only so much time for blogging when you have another girl around, what with the shopping & coffee trips & all…

For more tid-bits on Stephani’s side of things, check out her blog about her first day: Plane Rides, Little Brothers and Yu-don



3 comments on “manners please, boys & Girl!

  1. Oh I miss hot pot so much! Its been a year now since we left China and hot pot is something that just can’t seem to be replicated. Sounds like you guys are awesome tour guides and that the boys will get a bit of refining this month!

    • The only thing i love more than hot pot is Pho’ ! & yes, sooo glad for this opportunity for the boys to learn about the ‘gentler’ side of life… (as she punches them in the arm… LOL) -jk

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