the Sub-Divided life {cage homes}

Mark spent some time getting to know a couple guys in one of the aprox. 10,000 “Sub-Divided Home Units” of Hong Kong today. These are very similar to the “Cage Homes” that we’ve talked about. Instead of actual metal caging though, these are 800sqft apartments/flats divided into 8-11 separated ‘rooms’ or ‘bed spaces’ by using plywood as partitions. (Landlords never add a 12th ‘room’ because they would need a permit for that.) Each ‘room’ has enough space for a single bed or bunk, tenants keep everything they own in that space – where they sleep, cook & eat. The units also include a common area with a shared mini-kitchen (sink/counter & a mini fridge – no stove/micro, etc.), a couple toilets & a shower. Some also have a large sink for laundry & a few lines to hang clothes next to decaying shelves that hold their various camp stoves & rice cookers.

Something our life here enables us to do often is to be the hands & feet of Jesus. God has given us the resources, the language & the availability to reach both people’s physical needs as well as their spiritual needs, just as Jesus instructed by his example. – Below is Mark’s story of his time with the guys today & a few pictures. ~JK

I went to visit one of the elderly that live in the subdivided home today because I was taking him to the doctor.  He has just gotten out of the hospital 2 weeks ago due to his lungs being so weak.  I got to the unit early hoping to catch the rest of the residents, so we can go have lunch together.  However there was a quarrel in the unit.  One of the tenants was high on heroin and was fighting with a middle age couple.  The police were almost called.  I ended up taking one of the elderly to lunch and bringing back “To-Go’s” for another.  The one I took to lunch is 鄭伯, he has lived there for over 10 years.  He said about 4 guys in the unit are addicts, their ages range from 40’s all the way to 80s.  It saddened me, but it also made me realize how much more they need Jesus and how much more we need to pray for them.  Afterward, I took another elderly, 曾伯, to the clinic.  He was the one with the lung problems.  The doctor prescribed him with so much drugs.  He has one for hypertension, and 3 different types of inhalers for his lungs.  Yet he was so talkative today, so I told him his lungs must be doing better.  I just let him talk and he was so thrilled.  In our conversation he also echoed the drug problem in the unit.

Last Saturday volunteers from the Cantonese Community of ICAHK visited the same unit with me, and we helped them filled out applications to public housing.  I called their social worker yesterday to get a new income report for all of them.  I already have copies of their ID cards, so once I get their reports from their welfare income I can turn in those applications next week.  The waiting list can take up to 3-5yrs. Let’s just pray that they can get in the public housing for the last years of their lives… I do not want to pass judgement on them simply because of their problems, whether it’s their family issues or their addictions.  The fact is I am no less of a sinner than they are, and I am grateful for God’s mercy and faithfulness.  Can we pray for not only their salvations, but also their hearts to be opened and get help.

Mark at lunch with 鄭伯.

Mark & 曾伯 at the clinic.

Please keep both 鄭伯 and 曾伯 in your prayers.



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    • YES! I cannot tell you how happy he was to be able to bring it when we moved. He’s decided to send it to his BFF if/when we ever move farther North! 🙂 -jk

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