mind Yourself? or God?

~Please continue to pray for our teammate & friend Jamie Lund! May her miracle show God’s Love & Healing Power to many. Read more here.~

“And whatsoever you shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” -John 14:13

It’s been over nine months since our arrival, we’ve become experts at keeping up with the crowds, finding our way & managing the public transit – even with kids & many shopping bags in tow. Or so we thought. Today was a really reminder that we have not ‘completely arrived’ yet. We had three, yes THREE, crazy happenings today – & two of them resulted in injury! First, the younger boys & I took a wrong turn on our way to meet Mark at the center where I teach English to a group of local boys every Saturday. We were walking from the train & got confused after taking the wrong exit, once we got back on track, we were late… Of course, that meant we should run & running meant being less careful… that’s when Wesley’s foot got cut open by the escalator! OUCH! Soooo, we went slower after that, especially me because i was carrying a very big 8yr old boy with a gash on his foot! (When did he get to be sooo heavy?!!) That 1/2 mile walk through busy city streets, sure was a real workout this morning! Thankfully we got him to the classroom, all washed up & bandaged just in time for me to teach!

“Mind the Gap”, one of the first “British” sayings we learned here in Hong Kong. It’s on every subway train door & they play it on the loud speakers too. So we are well aware of “the Gap”… On the way home from the class, I had a wheeled ‘cart’ FULL of hardback books. (Gifts for our homeschool from our friends at Christian Action where our English classes are taught.) While switching from one train to the next, I forgot to “Mind the Gap” with extra care concerning my cart. It bumped too hard &rolled sideways, taking my hand right along with it! It was surreal, my mind was saying “LET GO!”, but somehow the decision had already been made by the hand – “Not letting go!” – OUCH! Hours later, there is no swelling, but I’m very sore from my hand/wrist, to my elbow & even my shoulder… That load of books really twisted my whole arm! Ice & ibuprofen have been my company tonight… On a sweet note, my thoughtful Joseph offered to teach Mommy how to eat her dinner with her left hand! What a great kid!

Lastly, while Mark was driving the STL van to make his weekly Cage Home visits tonight, he ran into a ‘bit of a jam’. As ‘they’ say, a picture is worth a thousand words: The white car is parked. The Big Rig can’t finish turning without wrecking the white car. So the traffic is stopped and over 250 cars are stuck in a traffic jam. ‘Hello, welcome to Hong Kong.’

hong kong traffic jamhong kong traffic jam

Have you ever taken a wrong turn, even on a path you know well? We can get confused & even shaken in places that are new OR familiar – thankfully our loving Father is always ready to help, His light shines on our safe path to the road He has already prepared for us. A road full of blessings & provision! — Have you ever been in a situation where your mind is saying RUN, but you know that you know better? Like Wesley, we often get ourselves hurt by going too fast & not taking time to do things the way we’ve been taught. God’s way is the best way, but His ways are not OUR ways… we must be willing to ask him & listen for the answers! — What about finding yourself being careless because of that same sense of familiarity? The same way my arm injury could have been avoided, there are many time we can avoid the snares of the devil & his temptations if we are careful & diligent. The bible tells us to be watchful & wise, so that we can avoid the hurts of this world. — Has that mind conflict ever happened to you? Where your mind says LET GO, but the message seems rejected by the rest of you? It’s the same when God tells us to let go & lay down our heavy burdens… Why? Because he knows that they will make us stumble ‘in the Gap’ between our sin & His grace. He wants us to take a hold of His ‘way of escape’ instead. That’s why Jesus died & came back to life again for you & me, so that we might have abundant life & spend eternity in fellowship with Him! — TRAFFIC, isn’t it frustrating!?! How do YOU respond when there seems to be a big hold up  with the miracle or promise you’re asking God for? Or with the ‘plan’ you thought you were following in life? Do you honk the horn & yell impatiently at the empty car hoping the driver at fault will hurry up? Do you manipulate things so that you can get around the problem instead of solving it? Or do you seek God in EVERYTHING & allow for His will in that ‘jam’, even if feels like just another delay??

I’ve learned to THANK the Holy Spirit for those delays. I learn so much in those few moments of honest reflection during that time of ‘waiting on the Lord’ – He always reveals Himself, confirms His will, & creates a way of escape for me! He will do it for you too, if you let Him! He will do more than you can ask or imagine, if you will just follow him ONLY & allow Him to be the one in the Driver seat of your life! In the end, are you willing to “Mind God” rather than “Yourself”???

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” -Isaiah 55:8

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” -Ephesians 3:20-21



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