lanterns, mooncakes & Festivals – oh my!

Mid-Autumn Festival came & went in a hurry friends. We had a lot of fun with our first ‘Lantern Festival’ & tasted a few new flavors of mooncakes. Seeing how I’m still catching my breath &  getting organized with the start of school & now another house guest arriving tonight, I have not been able to write out a proper explanation of the festival for you. Instead, I have included pictures & a couple links that should do the trick. Enjoy!

This year’s Moon Festival (aka Mid-Autumn or Lantern Festival) happened to fall on the same week as China’s National Day. So there are fireworks pics from that… Just before the fireworks began over Victoria harbor, there was a tragic ferry-boat collision where many people lost their lives. It was very sad to see the hopeless faces of the victim’s families, as they burned ‘joss paper’ or ‘ghost money’ (fake money for the dead) & threw it into the ocean in hopes their loved ones would be able to use it in the next life. My prayers are for them to find the hope & love that Jesus offers… I’ve included pics & a link to the story at the bottom of the page.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2012 – Hong Kong

Mid-Autumn Festival – wiki


National Day Fireworks (Pt 1)

National Day Fireworks w/ Finale (Pt 2)

HK Ferry Boat Crash – 36 Dead

‘Ghost Money’ for the Afterlife


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