full of Love & duck ~ a HK thanksgiving Pt.1

Peking Duck 北京烤鴨 (pronounced “Buck-ing Duck”, which is Beijing Duck) with the Team, all folks a good 20yrs older than Mark & I with no kids (or PIE!) in sight… was NOT exactly the Thanksgiving tradition we’re used to. Neither was the train ride home among hundreds of Hong Kong locals, or stopping for something resembling dessert at a mall, only to find ourselves running to catch the last shuttle bus home as it left ahead of schedule! But it WAS all an adventure we shared together as a family, everyone behaved themselves (although I had my doubts while we were getting ready, THAT was the same as every other year!), everyone got plenty to eat, we prayed a prayer of thanks with friends & loved ones, & we blessed each other in the name of the Lord! Sooo, in the most important ways, it turned out to be a familiar kind of Thanksgiving after all.

On Sunday, we got to ‘be there in spirit’ for our family Turkey Day in the States. It was Saturday in California when Grandpa called the boys to ‘skype them in’ after the big meal at Great Grandma’s house! What fun! Just a new way for the Kwong boys to try & stay center stage at every family gathering, even from across the world! Ha!! Although I (Joy) was feeling pretty sick & stayed clear of the camera, & Tryston was off at drama practice… everyone else got to say Hi & even “oohed & ahhed” over little Kyen, the newest family baby that was born just over a month ago. (Brings back sweet memories of another “Thanksgiving Baby”!) We are so thankful for technology! The boys are already talking about putting together a video for the family to play at the Christmas gathering next month… always a new adventure in the Kwong house!

The next stop on our journey is the ‘real’ Thanksgiving Day in a couple days. – Today however, was spent researching some tidbits about the first REAL Thanksgiving… We tend to dig a little deeper than the average school with our homeschoolers, so we found a few websites that give a bit more history to the ‘history story’ if you know what I mean. Here’s a link on just one that got us thinking, in case you’re into digging up the past as well. (The REAL Story of Thanksgiving). – Now, as for this Thursday, we may post-pone until next week. Scheduling a big day of cooking & feasting doesn’t really fit in when you’re living in a country that doesn’t declare it a holiday! LOL Which means we have a lot going on including drama, dance & work – all getting ready for a HUGE city-wide multicultural festival (1P1C – One People, One City) being organized by ICAHK. We’re ALL going to be helping all day for both days this weekend, PLUS we have a houseguest arriving for a week-long stay on Sunday too! – So look for another post on what we end up finding available to cook for our first Turkey Day w/o a Turkey!

No, Thanksgiving isn’t really the same w/ rice & noodles. Sure, we’ll miss Grandma’s snickerdoodles & cousin Kim’s berry pies… all my guys will be missing the sports & hanging out in Grandpa’s man-cave, I’ll miss being busy in the kitchen with all the girls & the annual “Fall Leaf Walk”… No, we can’t have all the food this year, we can’t have football or golf or a backyard game of anything up on the 51st floor… we can’t even have the people (except through skype) – but we have the most important thing, the LOVE! That’s what we are thankful for every day of every year! It’s enough to know that we are right where we are meant to be & doing exactly what we were called to do! We love our family & friends – we love the people of Hong Kong – love is what it’s all about – & LOVE knows no distance! If there is love in your heart, you WILL be thankful! Be thankful to God from whom all love is from, for HE IS LOVE! ♥

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” -1 Thess 5:18

*Culture Tips from Mark: A note on Peking Duck – 北京烤鴨 (Buck-ing Duck)

“We don’t actually call it that, although it IS named that after Beijing where it came from… Even the menu won’t say that. Instead it says 片皮鴨 (Pin Paay Naap) which literally translates to “Sliced Skin Duck” because that’s all it is, very little meat is served IN the dish. The actual meat is used for the stir-fry that comes later as a side dish.” -MK

Check out this site for a more detailed description: Peking Roast Duck


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