dinner Conversations at home

Mom: “Ewwwww, he dropped it!!”

Dad: “Nobody Move!!! — I dropped me brain!”

Joseph: “Quit messing around & just eat it bro!”

:::chomp chomp chomp:::

Tryston: “Oh no, he needs a napkin – he’s gonna spit it out!”

Wesley: “Ugh… It had a SKULL!”squid plate

Mom: “Hmmm, look – it’s crunchy…”

Dad: “That’s not a skull, it’s a BEAK!”

Mom: “Cool, let’s dissect it.”

Joseph: “Yeah, take it apart & THEN eat it.”

Tryston: “Here, give me the chopsticks & a knife.”

Joseph: “There, NOW eat it… & the eyeballs too.”

:::chomp chomp chomp – GULP:::

Mom: “Wow. Your son just ate his first BRAIN!”

Tryston: “Well, he already wolfed down the tentacles…”

Dad: “Yup, that’s my boy!”

Joseph: “What did the eyeballs taste like??!!”

Wesley: “Pretty good for a SQUID BRAIN!”

This is the conversation that was had while we tested out the ‘Pun Choy’ meal that will be served at our January event where we invite poor & elderly neighbors to a big banquet in the city. Such is the ‘normal’ discussion among this family of TCKs! We have many more fun & strange food related moments living here in Hong Kong, we call it “Eating Ministry”. — As it turns out, it was NOT brain, this time, but the tissue surrounding the squid’s beak. Today I found a little interesting info about this piece of the animal that I never thought of before…

squid beakCulture Tips:

What to do with Squid-scraps after cleaning & cutting them up? – Fried Squid Beaks of course! – In Japan, the squid’s mouth parts – which are most definitely thrown away in Western cooking – are salted and fried up into an interesting little appetizer. The beak itself is inedible, but the surrounding flesh is firm and crunchy and actually quite tasty.

So, now we know. 🙂



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