small space, big Blessings {tour of HK flat}

After our first yr in HK, we finally got this video made for all our friends back in the States. This flat is listed as 905sqft but the “real” ‘Usable Floor Space’ is more like 680sqft! We are blessed & happy with it. Just so glad to be here! There is really a lot you learn about your family when you cram 5ppl into this size apartment tho… And we have home group here with 5 families every Friday night too! Just imagine how crowded it will be when we finally adopt our little girl that God’s picked out!!

While waiting for the vid’s to upload I was reading an interesting blog about a young woman who decided to build herself a tiny house on a trailer. From the looks of it, she probably has 100-150sqft. She did some good work & now lives in her mobile cabin on the Northern California coast… my home turf. 🙂 [The Little Yellow Door]

Once you watch our video, go read about the folks we visit in the Cage Homes & the Sub-Divided Homes. They live in spaces that are only 40-80sqft. One family that recently immigrated from China squeezes 6 people into only 40sqft. We’re working on a post that tells that family’s amazing journey, so be sure to come back & read that… It’s humbling to serve these neighbors & we appreciate your prayers as we look for new & creative ways to share our hope & Jesus’ love with each of them!



11 comments on “small space, big Blessings {tour of HK flat}

    • Tight is def. an understatement!!! But we’ve actually been very blessed by how the boys have gotten a lot closer as friends & teammates through this challenge!

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  2. Wow, I’m kind of clostrophobic and I think its a bit small. Now I see why you leave so much to have outside adventures. Thanks for the tour! God has a purpose for you to do. I’m so glad you are there and said YES!

    • Oh yeah, it’s SMALL sister! Just imagine how tight it gets when we have overnight visitors! I still can’t believe we’ve had 12 house guests in the 15 months we’ve been here & one of them came at least twice! The most we had in one night was the 5 of us plus 5 others! CRAZY!! 🙂

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