already known… by the Father {5k+1}

A little girl in China turns 4 today. I wish I could be there to celebrate HER & tell her that she’s beautiful & amazing & full of God’s goodness! But I know God will be with her & whisper His loving words into her ears today & every day. I pray I will see her very soon & hold her in my arms for the first time. I hope it’s before her next birthday… maybe even before next Christmas… I cannot share her name, although it’s pretty just like her smile. I stare at her picture knowing I love her, but not knowing her at all. What’s her favorite color? Which toy does she treasure? How does she like her hair? Will she have a birthday cake today??? So many unknowns… but I am grateful that God knows her. He has always known her.

God’s always known everything about her. He knew her in her mother’s womb where He knit her together. He knew she would be taken to a police station & then to an orphanage when she was barely 2 months old. He knows her name & every hair on her head. He even knows if today is really her birthday… Most of all, He knows how to take care of her & protect her… & He knows how to get us to her, no matter the cost – He has the provision & no matter the obstacle – He makes the way, & He’s always on time! She lives only 6 hours away from us, but it will be months before we will be allowed to meet her. But she is in good hands because her Heavenly Father has never left her alone…

This precious birthday girl has been on God’s heart since before she was born. He has prepared for her a family with 3 brothers, a Daddy & a Mama that already love her. We don’t know her yet, but we’re on our way to bring her home. The journey will be long & uncertain, with ups & downs. We’ve already hit bumps, yet God has provided. I can’t wish her Happy Birthday this year. I don’t even speak her language. But God can & He can speak it. I don’t know her favorite food or the name of her dolly… Or if she even has one. But I hold on to what I do know. God cares for her & has asked us to care too. He has promised to make a way where there seems to be no way. God has never led me where He will not sustain me. Most importantly, I know that God has shown me that sweet 4 year old girl. I don’t know her yet, but I know…

… She is my daughter.


{5k+1} our adoption journey


2 comments on “already known… by the Father {5k+1}

  1. Her Great Auntie Teri has not ceased to pray for her since we first heard of this possibility! Anna Belle we love you so so much and know that God WILL deliver you to your precious family in His perfect time! until then we will call your name before the thrown!

    Love and Much Prayer for ALL the Kwongs, and our little missy Kwong to Be! ❤

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