FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)

Raising three young men as expats in Hong Kong these days, we find that this ‘information’ seems very foreign to young ladies here… But we definitely try to do our part to educate them in love. Hopefully the girls in our circles, both here & back in CA will see that we love having awesome friends around our family (& the Kwong boys)… & choose therefore to clean up their ‘feed’ & stay awesome!

Just in case you wonder, after reading the post above… YES! The Kwongs certainly do have family discussions about what can be found on all of our news feeds. We also block folks that seem to forget FB, Instagram, Twitter, Wattap, Blogger & other blogs are public areas not meant for private things… We also block folks who consistently use poor judgement in the area of language or crude content. Not because we shelter ourselves (if you lived here, you would know that’s impossible anyway!), but rather because we choose to surround ourselves with people of strong character. We believe that bad company corrupts good character & we wish to keep our circle of close friends full of good influences. We don’t hate or even avoid others, but we don’t choose to be ‘FB friends’ with all people, sharing our daily moments & seeing all too much of theirs! We encourage folks to hang out with us in ‘real life’ & get to know us, if they still want to be ‘friends’ online, they will likely already understand that we won’t want to see them in nothing but a towel lying on their bed!

As for the Kwong men taking personal responsibility in the areas of purity mentioned in the post above, we absolutely do teach & pray about that as a family, diligently… often daily. But it is best discussed in a post all it’s own, or you would never read the post I’m responding to now. 🙂

Please come back & leave a response. Would live to hear your thoughts! Blessings!



Your thoughts?

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