Upgraded life… 150sq ft > 40sq ft {1×1}

When I met Mr. Miu, he was in his 40’s & sick with cancer. (He is still doing Chemotherapy.) His home was a 40 square foot room in a sub-divided flat in Sai Wan, a very old area of Hong Kong with many Shark Fin shops. For almost 2 years I’ve been visiting him there every Saturday. We talk about life, we swap stories & we talk about how we both got to ‘where we are today’… we’ve walked a while together now, we’ve become friends. When I don’t find my friend at home, I go looking for him just to be sure he’s alright. I usually find him at his favorite haunt around the corner from his building. He goes there to find room to stretch out, even a booth at McDonald’s has more space than his tiny “apartment”.

Mr. Miu & I have lived two very different lives, but we have many things in common. We were both born in Hong Kong, we share our native language & love for HK street food, etc. But most important is our mutual need for spiritual wisdom & guidance in this life. I often tell the cage-home residents I visit about the different ways Father has helped me over the years & how much better things are for my family now that I trust Him with everything. Which is how we find ourselves spending many evenings, discussing the truths revealed in the world around us & taking turns praying for one another.

One of those prayers has been for a Public Housing Flat to open up for Mr. Miu. After 6 years on the waiting list, the call finally came. (Public housing flats are often much larger & cheaper than the cage-homes many of our friends live in.) So last month David , one of my volunteers, went with me to help Mr. Miu move into his brand new flat in a brand new building! My friend was worried about how to furnish his 150 square foot apartment, all he owned was a mini-fridge and a fan. Then, about a week before he had to move, I was able to get an appointment for us to take Mr. Miu to ‘shop’ for furniture at a place called Cornerstone. The warehouse is full of all sorts of donated furniture in excellent condition – all that you can collect in 2 hours is FREE. Like one of those shopping-spree game-shows where you can fill your cart until the time runs out… What a huge blessing that was for Mr. Miu! Watching peoples lives get upgraded… {1×1}

Below are the pictures of Mr. Miu’s old & new flats, he now pays HALF the rent, has almost 4x  the space & 100% privacy, without sharing a bathroom/kitchen with 10+ other renters, etc…. I think you will agree – he certainly got an upgrade!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to visit my friend as often now that he’s living in a new area, but I make a point to at least call him once a week. As long as I’ve known him, he’s been fighting cancer, but the bigger struggle is with his faith. We know God can heal him, & he can live with the hope of Heaven, if he chooses Jesus. Will you pray with me for Mr. Miu to have two more life upgrades, that his body will be healed & that he will find the peace that surpasses understanding? (Philippians 4:7)


Mr. Miu’s new flat

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Mr. Miu’s old flat

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3 comments on “Upgraded life… 150sq ft > 40sq ft {1×1}

  1. I pray that Our Lord Jesus continues to bless Mr. Miu and that he molds and softens his heart. I will pray that Jesus’s overflowing love and grace will be seen in our vistits with him Mark! God bless you both in Jesus name!!

    • Thanks, we can’t do much without prayer!… He’s definitely seeing some positive things happening – it’s a start. We’re so glad to know him & honored that he has let us be part of this time in his life.

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