children of Hope {1×1}

Joy! It’s the look you see on the face of a child who has a reason to be proud, and someone else has acknowledged their hard work & potential for greatness. It’s what we were hoping to capture in these pictures. These kiddos bring such joy into OUR lives, we love teaching them & watching them grow. We are thrilled when one of our volunteer tutors shares how one of these sweet children has mastered a new skill or even an important exam. THIS is why we do it, THIS is why we’re here… because of the HOPE we have in Jesus & how He shines that Hope through the eyes of each child we meet!

The following pics are from last semester’s Manna Tutoring Awards Day. The music students performed, an older boy shared his testimony & one of our ICA friends spoke to the students & parents about the program. Then there was a message of Hope given before we closed in prayer & broke for a wonderful lunch together. It was a great time to meet the parents & tell them just how proud we are of their kids!

Mark brought a small kids bible & stuffed animal for each of the 6 girls in his English tutoring group. He promised them that if they finished reading the bible, they could call him & he’d give them another great book! We’ve already given out 2 more books, these kids are working very hard to improve their English. They know it’s the best tool for them to do big things in their lives. We are so encouraged by these girls & we know the Truth they are reading is doing so much more than helping their grammar & comprehension! This is what it’s all about! Making a difference… {1×1}

“It is the same with my word.I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.” -Isaiah 55:11

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