this N that… expats in HK

Just a few tid-bits & observations of life as an expat in HK…

Happy to see that many younger HK fathers are playing a bigger role in care taking… some need more practice with their ‘football hold’ technique. Need some Americans to teach this one!
#dontdroptheball #baby #fumble


Literally, 3m after leaving our flat… Dad: “How many times do I need to tell you guys NOT to make a scene?!” Ummm… #rhetorical ???
#AmericansinHK #my3sons #loud



“Everywhere we go, people want to know… who we are & where we come from.” – Not really. They can tell. 😛
#sorrybabe #marriageisfun


OK, just to be clear… you took your 2 ankle biters for a walk in their stroller… then let them actually walk… so now one trails behind & weaves under MY feet, & u carry the other??? Still not sure why u need/brought the doggy stroller… -_-


I love these colorful buildings… if u look near the bottom, you see the support pilings that go deep under every skyscraper here. The early morning pounding of these at nearby construction sites is not a fun wake up call! The pilings are visible BC, due to lack of flat land in HK, these towers are all halfway up a steep hill. So half the building is on the hill & the other half… not. Like a beach house on stilts, only 60-80 floors higher! It might look a bit sketchy, but we’ve seen no damage through the last 2 hurricane seasons! Mark says, “Only half the supports are visible, they go twice that deep. They’ve been building on hills for decades, it’s perfectly safe.”


On a lunch/errands date w/ Mark… HK is a city of many extremes. This is “Somewhere between have & have-not.”


*whew* Finished our greenhouses while reading about John Smith’s adventures as a mercenary soldier in France ©1596. Now time for a little badminton at the park while mom makes dinner!
#homeschool #history #science #PE


Kids: Look Mom! We got you flowers!
Mom: Quick! Put it back before security comes!


That’s it for today… but I’ll leave you with a bit of encouragement:

Life as an expat, as a Christian, as anybody… can get overwhelming pretty quick. But just when we feel discouraged, HE always brings forth His light & shows us the next step! I’m feeling encouraged, just enough to make it one more week… & hopeful that HE will deposit new strength/courage in me for the next week! I promise He will do the same for you…

When you feel like there’s a target on your back & the enemy is following your every move… keep going! The devil always chases those shining LIGHT on his evil plans. But don’t be afraid – when God sends you out,  HE’s got your back!




Your thoughts?

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