the first 3 letters are… “DTC”!! {5k+1}

We finally did it friends!!! We first saw our little girl’s face on Dec. 22, 2012. We asked China to match us with her file on March 18, 2013 & now we have gotten more than half way to bringing her home…

For those of you NOT in the International Adoption world… “DTC” stands for Dossier to China! It means that we have officially ‘turned in’ all of our ‘homework’ (documents) to the Chinese government folks that will complete our adoption approval!! It’s taken forever to get this far, many documents, homestudy papers & Dr. visits… not to mention all the postage & weirdness caused by us being in Hong Kong right now! Even though it seems like this has been the big goal for over a year, it’s really just the FIRST STEP in a long list of things (& letters) that need to get checked off before we get the big “TA” – Travel Approval to go get our AnnaBelle! And the FINAL LETTERS will be “CA” – Consulate Appointment… the date we finalize all her travel papers to enter the US as a new daughter/citizen!

So… the first three letters that get us to our sweet girl (& the sweetest letters I have heard – so far…) are indeed –


I’d love to stay & write more – so many awesome & crazy busy things are happening in our lives that I haven’t had time to share with you yet… But alas, no rest for the Kwongs, must pack our bags!!! THEN we can rest… in Thailand next week! We’re heading out tomorrow for some meetings next week & then a few days of medical appointments. We’re very broken up about leaving the cold, crisp jacket/scarf weather of Hong Kong & having to wear shorts on the beaches for a week… crying non stop over it really. Can’t you tell?!

Anyway, in case you were wondering what all is next for the adoption – this graphic ought to make it all just as clear as mud for you. From what we (or anyone else) can guess (bc it’s ALL a guess with this thing) – we should be given Travel Approval (TA) to bring AnnaBelle home sometime in April, meaning we will probably actually have her in May. Praying it goes a little faster because we’d really love to be with her for her 5th birthday on May 1st! {We’ve just completed step #7 & now are waiting for step #8 to happen… I think we have some ‘mini steps’ in between that aren’t listed too.}


Please continue to pray that Father directs us to His perfect provision for our final funds… He’s provided over 75% so far – we only need the last $9,000 that we will take when we travel. (For all the government/orphanage/guide fees.) {You can help!}



Your thoughts?

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