Where’d they go now?

Most of you know by now, we’re moving back ‘home’ (to Asia) in a few weeks (Aug 2019). We’re making another move this week OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIAand back over to this long neglected blog! In fact, our FB and IG will be shut down within 48 hours of this post. 🙂 It’s not a big deal or because of any problems, it’s just part of living overseas – different country = different rules. The good news is we can definitely keep sharing our pics, vids and interesting stories about living as expats in Asia. We just need to do it here instead. *grin*

Let’s start with a photo album from some of our recent adventures while driving across the great country of the USA! Please let us know what are your favorite pics and ask any questions you have. And, thanks for making the move on over here with us! … More to come as we get packed up…

Your thoughts?

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