how the Journey began

“… But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”  -Joshua 24:15

Welcome to our journey! We are Mark & Joy Kwong, & this is our journey of moving our family from the USA to China. Why would we want to do that? To begin with, I was raised in Hong Kong & have always wanted to bring my family to live in & explore the culture there. Secondly, we both very much believe that every American child MUST live out of the country for a year or more before they will ever truly appreciate just how blessed they are as Americans. Lastly, after many years of thinking about this move & much time in prayer, everything is falling into place as God makes a way… we know that our Father is leading us to move at THIS time, & the safest place to be is in the perfect will of the Father! There is even a job & new friends already waiting for us to arrive! So off we go!

We’re very excited & incredibly busy as we plan, prepare & pack up for this move… Our projected move date is March 2011. There is so much to do, a lot of things to learn (including a new culture & languages for my wife/kids), & each one of us will take turns sharing with all of you, our friends & family, right here on this blog! Our prayer and purpose in sharing our journey is that the Lord would use our mistakes, trials, and victories to speak life into the heart and mind of all who read along with us. We will make mistakes, we will fall down… but with Christ, we will get back up again & finish the race strong! This blog will tell all of it, the good, the sad, the ugly, and especially the miracles that we encounter from here to the other side.

It’s been said “The family that plays/prays together ~ stays together.” Ours is a life of faith with a side of courage, hope, & grace. We know that no man is an island & no man stands alone. With that we journey onward & we put our heads, hearts, and hands together as we put our trust in Jesus. Each of you has a special place in our heart, many of you have prayed with us from the begining of this adventure. We can’t imagine not bringing you with us, so here on this site and through your prayers – YOU are with us in Spirit! So join us as we share all the ‘Memories on the Journey’ as we live this abundant life together.

~The Kwong Family    {Mark & Joy – Tryston, Joseph, & Wesley}

The Kwong Family


3 comments on “how the Journey began

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    • Hi there – glad you find it interesting!!! What brought you over to visit?? 🙂

      We hope you will be blessed by reading our adventures! Please join in & let us know your thoughts on what you read when you come back! -JK

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