80% humidity… year round!

Hot and sweaty is an understatement. But who cares when your living in a tropical paradise???!!! Normally I wouldn’t mind the heat, except that I have an apartment full of stinky men and I can’t seem to find which piece of luggage has all the deodorant. This may be a long week folks, I’m guessing my unpacking pace will be much faster than usual though. HAHA

Below are a few pics from our recent travels in the US, and our departure back to this side of the pond. Once things are a bit more under ‘control’ here, I will be back to put up more pics and stories.



Where’d they go now?

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Most of you know by now, we’re moving back ‘home’ (to Asia) in a few weeks (Aug 2019). We’re making another move this week – OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA – and back over to this long neglected blog! In fact, … Continue reading