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~~ We didn’t fall off the planet!! Although you probably thought that based on the lack of posting & updating here. Sorry friends. — We’re still in the USA, & we’ve been on the road a lot. Like every, single, week. LOTS of driving. LOTS of miles. And LOTS of great new friends & new team members too!! It’s a joy & privilege to share our story & our journey with people every week! But between the epic, 6week long #k6eastcoastadventure in our trusty minivan, homeschooling 4 kids & all of the chaotic moments of #movingnotmoving that seem to come with our time in America… we have been neglecting this blog. *sigh* Thanks for your understanding & especially for your constant prayers that keep us trucking along on these long road trips! Anyway, in an effort to get back to this – we not only have today’s thoughts, but also a new newsletter coming in another couple days. Be sure to sign up at the bottom of this post. 🙂 ~~
After an encouraging & somewhat challenging phone call with one of our directors/mentors yesterday, I had another good jolt upon opening my email this am. Try drinking your coffee, thinking about the huge mountain in front of you, feeling you can climb it well – but only if you continue on in the ever so careful, slow & steady pace that has so far kept you from falling off the cliff… Then try reading the following (from yet another mentor on our journey) & see if you aren’t ALSO challenged to get up & get going – faster, stronger & with deeper drive & purpose to just “Get ‘er done!”… So grateful for the mentors that Father has given us. Without them I might still be in bed sleeping, instead of working diligently to reach the flag at the top of the mountain!! There is much to do if we are going to get back HOME to our precious China before the end of the year… More coffee please!
The fulfillment of desire is conditional on the intensity of the desire to fulfill it. When we want something enough, we will move heaven and earth to obtain it. We’re all guilty of saying, “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money.” {That simple modifier, enough, makes all the difference.} The truth is, we seem to find the time and the money to do or buy what we really, really want.
“Before we can be filled with the HS, the desire to be filled must be all-consuming. It must be for the time the biggest thing in the life, so acute, so intrusive as to crowd out everything else. The degree of fullness in any life accords perfectly with the intensity of true desire. We have as much of Father as we actually want.” -A.W.Tozer
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Prayer Flags on Wuzhishan Mountain.

Prayer Flags on Wuzhishan Mountain.

Painting a child with wine to avoid ghosts at the Nanshan Mountain scenic zone.

Painting a child with wine to avoid ghosts at the Nanshan Mountain scenic zone.


Back in the US of A!

Greetings from sunny Roseville, CA! Summer went by fast for the six of us. Everything since May has been a blur. We started with a whirlwind 8 day pack/move back to America, where we hit the ground fast & furious with a week of meetings just 2 days after arrival! Next up was a family cross-country drive to Missouri for a month of strategic training with leadership. Then Joy & I flew back to China in July to pick up our precious Annabelle. (The {5k+1} has finally become the new {6k}!!!) Once back in California, we started our crazy traveling/speaking schedule the next week. Aug. & Sept. have been such a busy & blessed time full of meetings where we get to reconnect with old friends & meet new ones. Father always encourages us through all of you on this journey. We’re excited to see & introduce you to our little Princess Belle before we return to our home in China!!

We will continue traveling & sharing all over the USA for about a year. Our goal is to have our budget at 100% & be ready to return to China by Fall 2014. If you would like to have us speak at your meeting (small or large) please send us an email.

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Mark & P. Andrew Huson after sharing @ River City Church in Elk Grove, CA. #hainan1x1

Mark & P. Andrew Huson after sharing @ River City Church in Elk Grove, CA. #hainan1x1

Thanks for praying for the K6! #K6 #teamKwong #hainan1x1

Thanks for praying for the K6! #K6 #teamKwong #hainan1x1

~ YOU are touching Hainan 1x1 ~ #hainan1x1

~ YOU are touching Hainan 1×1 ~ #hainan1x1

We took Princess Belle to see the ocean & the Golden Gate for the first time on our way to share up north in Crescent City! #teamKwong #K6

We took Princess Belle to see the ocean & the Golden Gate for the first time on our way to share up north in Crescent City! #teamKwong #K6

Acceptance is golden – “LOA” {5k+1}

Bringing them home {1x1}
Dear Friends,I’m delighted to bring you our latest update on Annabelle’s adoption. We also want to glorify the Lord with some praise reports! I’ll start with saying THANK YOU for your part in helping us get to this point. We are grateful for all of your support and prayers.

Two weeks ago, we received the official “Letter of Acceptance”  (LOA) from the Chinese Annabelle - Feb 2014government, meaning our request to adopt Annabelle was given final approval! Therefore, we are on the final countdown to the day when we can travel to bring Annabelle home. We are estimating that time to be the beginning of June. From that point on, we have 90 days to go get her. The LOA allows us to formally send gifts and make contact with our new daughter. So we are excitedly preparing a box of gifts to send for her 5th birthday, which is coming up in May! We’ve also received some new photos of Annabelle, isn’t her hair getting long?!

Now for the current financial updates… Praise the Lord that we’ve already received two major donations in 2014. One for $5,000 USD which helped us finish off the final portion of the agency fees as well as all the fees related to translating & sending our Dossier (documents) to China. We also received another $1000 USD in March, which will go toward the “Post Adoption Reports Deposit”. Once we receive Annabelle, we are required to do 6 individual reports to ensure her well being. They will be done after 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years. And that $1000 USD deposit is kept by the adoption agency until we complete all of these reports on time.

Annabelle - August 2013We are almost there, less than $10,000 USD left to raise by June! We are extremely grateful for how far the Lord has brought us; we’re so close to bringing Annabelle home. Remember, we began with only $3,000 USD. And we trust the Lord to finish what he started. Please check the link below for more details. 

The majority of you are getting this email because you have graciously donated, prayed with us and have been an integral part of this whole process. We are thankful that you have walked with us this far. Would you please pray and intercede for Annabelle and for us? Pray that God will miraculously provide the last part of the finances on time, just as He has with every single payment so far! We know that God is never early or late, but he is always right on time. Would you please forward/share Annabelle’s story with others who may be able to help her come home to her family? One of the miracles of Annabelle’s story is that God is bringing her to us, He alone is providing every step & every payment! This adoption miracle is not happening by might nor by power, but only by the Spirit God. (Zechariah 4:6)
Annabelle - March 2014
We’ll keep you updated on any new developments – check our FB & blog for announcements. Please keep us in your prayers in the meanwhile. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  With Love & Blessings,
Mark & Joy Kwong

Please click here to forward an email version of this letter to anyone that can help us bring our daughter home!

the first 3 letters are… “DTC”!! {5k+1}

We finally did it friends!!! We first saw our little girl’s face on Dec. 22, 2012. We asked China to match us with her file on March 18, 2013 & now we have gotten more than half way to bringing her home…

For those of you NOT in the International Adoption world… “DTC” stands for Dossier to China! It means that we have officially ‘turned in’ all of our ‘homework’ (documents) to the Chinese government folks that will complete our adoption approval!! It’s taken forever to get this far, many documents, homestudy papers & Dr. visits… not to mention all the postage & weirdness caused by us being in Hong Kong right now! Even though it seems like this has been the big goal for over a year, it’s really just the FIRST STEP in a long list of things (& letters) that need to get checked off before we get the big “TA” – Travel Approval to go get our AnnaBelle! And the FINAL LETTERS will be “CA” – Consulate Appointment… the date we finalize all her travel papers to enter the US as a new daughter/citizen!

So… the first three letters that get us to our sweet girl (& the sweetest letters I have heard – so far…) are indeed –


I’d love to stay & write more – so many awesome & crazy busy things are happening in our lives that I haven’t had time to share with you yet… But alas, no rest for the Kwongs, must pack our bags!!! THEN we can rest… in Thailand next week! We’re heading out tomorrow for some meetings next week & then a few days of medical appointments. We’re very broken up about leaving the cold, crisp jacket/scarf weather of Hong Kong & having to wear shorts on the beaches for a week… crying non stop over it really. Can’t you tell?!

Anyway, in case you were wondering what all is next for the adoption – this graphic ought to make it all just as clear as mud for you. From what we (or anyone else) can guess (bc it’s ALL a guess with this thing) – we should be given Travel Approval (TA) to bring AnnaBelle home sometime in April, meaning we will probably actually have her in May. Praying it goes a little faster because we’d really love to be with her for her 5th birthday on May 1st! {We’ve just completed step #7 & now are waiting for step #8 to happen… I think we have some ‘mini steps’ in between that aren’t listed too.}


Please continue to pray that Father directs us to His perfect provision for our final funds… He’s provided over 75% so far – we only need the last $9,000 that we will take when we travel. (For all the government/orphanage/guide fees.) {You can help!}