through the mist… look for God

“… But there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries… ” ~Daniel 2:28

What is it that makes man create a god for themselves? A need for answers? A natural desire to explain & understand their own existence? The reasons for pain & sorrow, or why some succeed & others fail? — The bible clearly tells us in Daniel 2:28 that the One True God in heaven reveals these secrets & mysteries to us… but so many have yet to see.

We spent today in the midst of God’s wondrous creation… from His beautiful people to His breathtaking landscapes, all of which were veiled by His marvelous blankets of mist made by fog & waves! Right there in plain view, for all to see. God’s perfect creation… but we also looked on in awe at man’s creation today. In awe of the emptiness of what life without Truth can be. Nothing but a hollow bronze statue, not unlike those spoken of in the book of Daniel… The Po Lin Monastery and the already rusting Tian Tan Buddha sit on Lantau Island, HK – near the tiny village of Ngong Ping. Our eyes were opened to the sadness in the hollow dreams &  broken lives that follow after these false deities, while we stood inside the statue & we watched the faithful that paid homage & bowed before it. So we prayed. Thankful to God for the mysteries He’s revealed to us… Begging Him for wisdom to show His hope for us to the precious ones we meet… Asking Him to reveal Himself to each of them &  soon!

Our pictures from today speak for themselves. God’s Creation & man’s. Will you pray for all who fall into the deception of darkness & false gods??!!