not a FAN

“PARENTS: we should not forget that we need to bring our children up in Christ – not church!”

                                                       -Kyle Idleman in ‘Not A Fan’

It sounds great right?  But it’s easier said than done… there are a couple important things that have really helped Mark & I with this idea of raising our kids to KNOW Christ & not just expecting them to get it all out of a few hours at Sunday School:

  1. Reading our bible daily & doing it when/where our kids SEE it, but also teaching them it’s our time just w/ Jesus & they can do that too!We model it, then we teach it. If they see us living it out, they WANT to try it too.
  2. Living out a life devoted to God & family, for our children to SEE/HEAR/FEEL – just doing life together & making Jesus a natural part of every day. We talk to Him throughout the day, we ask our kids to pray for our stubbed toe & we ask Jesus to protect Daddy on the road, etc.We go to Him as a family when we have tough problems (ie. bullies at Judo, friends that move away, pets that die, life not being fair, etc.), we pray for other families together also. We also serve our community as a family; hot meals for the homeless, prayer on the street for the weary, & kind words for the checker at the grocery store.
  3. PRAYER!!! We anoint & pray through our house, kids rooms & even our car! We lay hands & pray over them while they sleep, & esp. when they frustrate or anger us… we TRY to pray before we respond, even if it means sending them to bed so we can take time to come up with the best response! ♥
  4. MENTORS: Mark & I surround ourselves with Godly council from friends & mentors that are in all stages of marriage & child raising. We are not called to walk this journey alone! A great way to get connected with friends that will walk this journey WITH you is in a ‘small group’ in your local church. Call them up & see if they can connect you to one in your area – it can make a world of difference & maybe you will be an answer to their prayers also!

Thank God we’re not alone in this! Jesus is the best & biggest help friends!!! Trust HIM!!!

Check out the book ‘Not A Fan’ & let us know what YOU think!