crafting the Truth

We are passionate about truth. If we don’t learn FROM it, we are certainly destined to repeat mistakes of our ancestors that we may otherwise be able to avoid… History is HISstory. We trust God to teach us & give us discernment through His Spirit as we study various materials. It’s so important to see the ‘stories’ from all sides, but most important to see it from God’s side. Almost always, each side has something good to teach us & each side has made mistakes we can learn from.

The same is true with the history of what we now call Thanksgiving. It started as a one time Harvest Feast by a group of weary pilgrims in a new land, grateful to God to be alive after burying half of their fellow travelers… It’s not even clear if the Native Americans were invited to join the feast or if they invited themselves… But there was indeed a tentative peace & cooperative relationship between the two groups, which did last for a number of years, until more & more ships of Englishmen with different objectives arrived. Then the peace treaties were forgotten & it became a sad story of war once again. If you are looking for more info on the before, during & after of the REAL story you can check out the article & video that we liked best out of all the ones we went through, these had the most comprehensive overall info. (The Real Thanksgiving Story, We Shall Remain, After the Mayflower)

We finished out our lesson with crafts, hot coco & Charlie Brown… A little taste of ‘normal’ for these homeschoolers that are not used to being stuck indoors (getting over colds) on the 51st floor, staring into the foggy sky. Now I’m off to finish laundry & prepare the house for yet another lovely Team Member to visit for the next week. Blessings & Thankful prayers friends!






“I will praise the name of God with song, And shall magnify Him with thanksgiving.” -Psalm 69:30